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Leapsoft is a leading innovative ICT Solutions and Training company offering Software solutions and Training based on java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), .Net and Open Source standards. The company’s range of solutions based on its flagship Wazobia Linux including Office Productivity suite, Groupware, Email, multi-media, security and networking on high-end hardware such as HP, IBM and Dell Servers.

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In today's business world, a discerning eye will see an abundance of glaring opportunities for improvement. However, the high cost of technology often required, makes it difficult for some to explore such opportunities. At Leapsoft, we strive to be champions in a crusade to identify the sub par status quo and challenge it with cautious innovativeness. And we do not in all cases claim to be pioneers, for a lot of our ideas have been dreamed up by others, but we will not stop at dreams, ideas and concepts. The creation of Leapsoft is a demonstration of our proactive resolve to realize the dreams of all for betterment of the way we do things in the developed and developing worlds.

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Our Approach


    Leapsoft guarantees high quality standard by utilizing object oriented techniques in software engineering, employ defacto conventions and use industry standard technology, such as the TCP/IP communications protocol and internet RFCs as the basis for solutions.


    Leapsoft believes in total quality of products and services, and we are committed to ensuring it, to give our clients total satisfaction at competitive price. As such we have followed the AS 3563 Quality documents on software quality management on our numerous client projects.


    By integrating computing resources such as Unix and Linux servers, to industry defacto webstandards, we will assist you in extracting the most from your IT investment. Through the use of open source technology we can further enhance the responsiveness and effectiveness of corporate decision making, improve user productivity, simplify work practice and remove costs associated with bottleneck.


    Leapsoft founding principles is to build strategic long term business relationships based on mutual trust, proven results and appreciation of each other needs. Our organization has proven track records in providing a high level of technical expertise to our industry partners, both corporate clients and vendors.


    Through careful analysis of the business requirements and constraints, work practice, platform investments and growth plan in your organization, Leapsoft provides you with the most appropriate IT solution. It is our obligation to time and within budget by delivering of how your organization operates.

Training Services

Leapsoft is an LPI partner that offers Linux training.

Through its alliances with New Horizon we are able to offer different Technology and Executive Training programs to clients in industry including Banking, Consulting, Oil and Gas and Insurance.

Through our partners we offer hands on training in-depth and practical labs with approved training materials in Oracle, Microsoft and others.

We offer advanced research and development training in java Software Development in association with our Brazilian based partners, International System.

We offer both onsite and off-site training programs that are flexible enough to consider your internal IT operation needs by training staffs in small groups at a time.