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XendBit - Digital Transaction Services Ltd Profile
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Digital Transaction Services  (DTS) is a subsidiary of Leapsoft and is focused on providing Blockchain solutions as well as Cryptocurrency Brokerage, Payment and Remittance processing services.  The company operates in partnership with Global Crypto Exchanges and it is also a member of the Beyond Borders Network (BBN).  DTS is developing a fork of Ethereum protocol using a Algorithmic Proof of Stake consensus to aid lower cost blockchain payments, token issuance and management for the African market.  Leapsoft is actively engaged in the development of DTS's XendBit Wallet and other related products and services.

MoneyBox Company Profile
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MoneyBox is a savings and payment system based on a scratch card and enabled by any mobile phone. It provides individuals with a cash-like way to remotely save, spend, and transfer money.

With MoneyBox , anyone can open-up a bank Account-On-The-Street (AOTS), save money into any bank account, Top Up airtime, pay utility bills, buy insurance, send money to friends and relatives, withdraw money at dealer locations (HTM), any partner bank or ATMs, get profiled for credit, insurance, access loans and make investments.

MoneyBox creates the possibility of realtime financial access functions at dealer locations where cash-in and cash-out are possible.

TACOM Company Profile
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  • TACOM intelligent ticketing system facilitates the automation of public transportation payment process.
  • It is based on the use of smart cards and specific hardware and software. Process includes credit generation, distribution, utilisation and redemption.
  • Tacom e-Ticketing comprises a series of equipment, applications and procedures developed to control the billing and other operations of public transport, based on the use of smart cards. Its efficient control allows it to handle multi-modal transport of an entire city, through easy to-use integrated software and hardware.
International Syst Company Profile
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International Syst's flagship product, Metasys, is a leading open source software solution fully compliant with Intel's Classmate PC initiative, and the company is an active participant in the information and communication technologies digital literacy initiative.

Result of more than eight years of research and development, Metasys is now the reference for digital inclusion initiatives in the country and the world with Server solutions in cloud computing.

Through International Syst, Leapsoft is able to deliver cutting edge e-Learning solutions in both traditional and virtual classrooms with access to over 10 million eBook titles.


To provide information technology solutions based on open standards, enabling the digital inclusion of people and businesses.