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Application Development and Integration Services

Leapsoft team of professional consultants comprises of a team with a combined enterprise solution experience of over 30 years. We see each business and organization with dynamic and unique requirements for their internal systems. To meet these needs, an off-the-shelf or boxed solution, at times, will not suffice, but a customized solution is what serves best. From concept to launch, we help businesses and organizations in the strategic planning, development and implementation of their ICT systems

Leapsoft Professionals helps in the area of web application development. For instance, solution for specific internet or intranet /extranet module, development of interactive websites, advanced e-commerce systems and online Enterprise Applications across Virtual Private Networks.

Specializations include:

  • Systems integration services
  • Database Development services
  • Custom Application Development
  • Wireless Application Development
  • System management services
  • Advanced E- Commerce systems

Technology Support Services

  • Our products are our primarily channel through our appointed Resellers, OEM Builders, Business Associates, Corporate Associates as well as our Partner Outlets (Leapsoft Partner/Training Centers) for services.
  • Custom Software Deployments - We build/deploy Software systems that are custom-designed according to the customer's requirements.
  • Support Services - We provide full-service of Leapsoft Software, diagnosis and troubleshooting to resolve issues customers may face.
  • Upgrades - We offer customers the latest technology available by means of upgrading Leapsoft Software they already own.
  • Networking - We will offer full networking solutions from design to implementation with both our software and/or third-party's for small to medium size business with support for wireless network solutions.
  • Technical support, consultation and training for enterprise users and partners.
  • Answer to problems about system structure, migration of enterprises.
  • Include on-site support, product customization, product upgrade. training.
  • Leapsoft Partner/Training Center - We have a growing number of partners with centers where customers can demo our solutions. These centers are primarily used for training and also to enable the purchase of software support and maintenance contracts.

Training Services

Leapsoft is an LPI partner that offers Linux training.

Through its alliances with New Horizon we are able to offer different Technology and Executive Training programs to clients in industry including Banking, Consulting, Oil and Gas and Insurance.

Through our partners we offer hands on training in-depth and practical labs with approved training materials in Oracle, Microsoft and others.

We offer advanced research and development training in java Software Development in association with our Brazilian based partners, International System.

We offer both onsite and off-site training programs that are flexible enough to consider your internal IT operation needs by training staffs in small groups at a time.